Who’s feeling festive yet? As I type this, I am snuggled on the sofa with a terrible cold and dosing myself up with turmeric and ginger tea. So when the lovely Emma from The Nourished Coeliac (who features lots of lovely AIP friendly, gluten and dairy free gut healing recipes!) offered to create a festive recipe for me, I couldn’t say no! This gorgeous festive recipe is full of goodness: the mylk base is Tiger nuts (you can get these in health food shops, from Tiger Nut Company or Amazon) which are a great source of iron whilst gelatin is amazing for restoring the gut lining (you can get it from Amazon and a little goes a long way- you can add it smoothies or even make your own jelly with it-recipe coming… View Post

Image courtesy of Rob@ https://www.healthspan.co.uk/ I’ve already mentioned how much I love turmeric and have included lots of turmeric recipes on the blog already. Today is the perfect anti-inflammatory recipe: a warming blend that can be served cold or warm.  It provides anti-inflammatory benefits, iron and magnesium.The cashews make it high in fat but an extremely nutrient-dense drink.  A note about Ingredients You can use store-bought cashew milk or make your own (note, if you do this avoid ones with carageenan added as this can irritate the gut. I’d recommend Plenish or Rude Health)  If buying them then stock up in bulk. I have mentioned bulk buying nuts in my Poundland haul post and That Protein also do bulk cashews (you can get 20% off with my code here) I then use my trusty… View Post

  Today’s blog is another recipe. As the weather is getting warmer, I wanted to share 2 ice-lolly recipes with you that as well as being gluten and dairy free are also a great way of sneaking extra fruit and veg into your diet. As I’m suffering with low-iron at the moment, I wanted to create a recipe that had lots of hidden iron sources but was also really refreshing!  The second is a frozen adaptation of my anti-inflammation smoothie, which I know lots of you liked!   Recipe 1: Iron Boosting Lolly   Superfood Veggie Ice Lollies Recipe Type: Dessert Author: Jenna Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 6 hours Total time: 6 hours 5 mins Serves: 2 lollies A healthy ice lolly recipe which is gluten and dairy free.… View Post