This week I’ve got another recipe and it’s a gorgeous, prebiotic rich fish goujon! I am a big goujon fan and often make my chicken goujons but I stumbled across another recipe last week that uses a walnut crumb instead and decided to share it on my blog too!  Image from California Walnuts I always talk about the power of nuts but I’ve hardly ever tried walnuts (for some reason they’re less commonly available). This one uses plaice (but you could just as easily use cod) and a gluten-free breadcrumb coating.    Nutrition Notes Walnuts are a great source of fibre and are also a prebiotic- this means that it’s thought they help the good bacteria in our guts grow by ‘feeding it’ You can make your own gluten free breadcrumbs… View Post

Before we begin, make sure you read to the end of this post- I’ve got an exciting giveaway and freebie for ever single one of my readers!  I am back with another recipe today and-I must say-this is probably my best one yet!  I mentioned in last weeks turmeric frozen yoghurt post that I used goat’s cheese as a way of boosting my protein and calcium. So I took it upon myself to create another high protein recipe. It’s a gluten free calzone which is also cow’s milk free but since so many of you have different diets, it’s also… –Suitable for those on low residue diets. -Suitable for those on a LOW FODMAP diet. -Suitable for those on Slimming World (only 2 syns per calzone with the goat’s cheese a… View Post

Today’s recipe is the perfect Autumn treat that should be really easier to digest. I can’t stretch to a gluten free, dairy free and easy to digest pumpkin latte (whipped cream+sugar=an unhappy gut) but this smoothie is perfect if you want it to feel more like Autumn! The banana and pumpkin are higher in soluble fibre, which means they’re easier to digest (more on tummy friendly veg here). Add some cinnamon for flavour and turmeric- which no anti-inflammatory recipe is ever without- and you’ve got a soothing, sweet drink to brighten your morning. Since the outcome is quite a thick smoothie, you can also turn it into a smoothie bowl! Topped with fresh fruit and granola.   A note about tinned pumpkin- this can be tricky to get in the UK but… View Post