Anyone else dealing with that horrible lurgy that’s going around? Sneezing, sore throat and a cough that seems to go on forever? Cold remedies are all very well but the ingredients can often interfere with the gut– since they often use sweeteners (which can have a laxative effect) and caffeine (which increases gut transit time and can also act as a diuretic meaning you’ll need to up your fluid intake)- so here’s some easy to find, natural cold remedies. 1.Echinacea. This ingredient is one of the most common natural cold remedies and studies suggest it can reduce the duration of a cold (this is only estimated at half a day but it’s better than nothing!) You can buy Echinacea tea- I like Heather&Heather’s version or as a supplement. It’s a completely… View Post

Image courtesy of Rob@ I’ve already mentioned how much I love turmeric and have included lots of turmeric recipes on the blog already. Today is the perfect anti-inflammatory recipe: a warming blend that can be served cold or warm.  It provides anti-inflammatory benefits, iron and magnesium.The cashews make it high in fat but an extremely nutrient-dense drink.  A note about Ingredients You can use store-bought cashew milk or make your own (note, if you do this avoid ones with carageenan added as this can irritate the gut. I’d recommend Plenish or Rude Health)  If buying them then stock up in bulk. I have mentioned bulk buying nuts in my Poundland haul post and That Protein also do bulk cashews (you can get 20% off with my code here) I then use my trusty… View Post

Today’s recipe comes courtesy of my new Kenwood Electronic Spiralizer which I have been dying to try out! I know lots of the time courgette and cucumber noodles are the most popular- but I find that these have a bit too much fibre for me. I’ve also worried about cooking style, since lightly pan frying can leave them pretty raw; making them quite tough to digest. So I tried mixing it up with these apple and sweet potato noodles: they are lovely and sweet; softer than most recipes since they’re oven baked and beautifully flavoured with cinnamon and of course… turmeric; which I don’t think I’ve ever not added to a recipe (you can see my turmeric recipe round up here) They’re perfect for a quick lunch when added to your choice… View Post