Today is the third post in my traveling series: today I’m going to zoom in on IBD (although many of the tips will be relevant to IBS and gut issues too) and my top tips for traveling with IBD.When I was first diagnosed, I was living in China and the biggest question I wanted to know was if it was still possible to enjoy traveling with IBD and enjoy all the wonderful trips I had planned for the summer! I’m lucky that I managed to spend several more years in China and travelled all over during that time: Macau, Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand and more! It wasn’t always easy but I wanted to show it was possible to see the world while battling a disobedient immune system!  Although a lot… View Post

Today is the fourth post in my A Balanced Belly travels. I previously blogged about my trip to Jesmond in which we enjoyed a lovely hotel stay and trip to the beach!. We then moved on to OxPasture hall, a dog friendly hotel in Yorkshire, for a seriously luxurious free-from foodie break in the heart of the Countryside. The Hotel The hotel is situated around 2 miles outside of Scarborough; one of the most popular seaside towns in the UK and close to the North Yorkshire moors. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to explore it as the weather wasn’t the best during our visit! (It actually brightened up on the day we left: typical!). It also has some lovely traditional villages in driving distance- it was a really lovely drive through these on… View Post

  The beautiful dog friendly beaches just 15 minutes from Jesmond Today is the second in my a balanced belly travels series the first being my guide to staying gluten free while traveling in the UK and beyond. Today, I’m going to share with you my gluten free Jesmond trip: from where I stayed to what I ate. In case you don’t know, Jesmond is a suburb a few miles away from the centre of Newcastle. We were looking for a new place to explore that was also near to lots of open spaces for the doggies- this worked perfectly as there is a beautiful outdoor area called the Jesmond Dene and the beach (Tynemouth) was only around 15 minutes away. I didn’t know much about the area before going but… View Post