Cashew Turmeric Milk This recipe is a gorgeous, tummy friendly alternative to hot chocolate. The cashew milk should be more easily tolerated than normal dairy while the turmeric adds plenty of anti-inflammatory goodness. 2. Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Feeling christmasy but can’t stomach a Pumpkin latte? Checkout this dairy free pumpkin pie smoothie- using plenty of easier to digest soluble fibre (which is much gentler than insoluble fibre) and lots of cinammon. Autumn in a glass.   3. Gut Health Shot In a flare up and need to get some goodness back into your gut? Try this simple to make, gut health shot- packed full of probiotics and turmeric. 4. Digestive Support Smoothie Feeling bloated or your stomach out of whack? You need a bit of enzyme… View Post

Image courtesy of Rob@ I’ve already mentioned how much I love turmeric and have included lots of turmeric recipes on the blog already. Today is the perfect anti-inflammatory recipe: a warming blend that can be served cold or warm.  It provides anti-inflammatory benefits, iron and magnesium.The cashews make it high in fat but an extremely nutrient-dense drink.  A note about Ingredients You can use store-bought cashew milk or make your own (note, if you do this avoid ones with carageenan added as this can irritate the gut. I’d recommend Plenish or Rude Health)  If buying them then stock up in bulk. I have mentioned bulk buying nuts in my Poundland haul post and That Protein also do bulk cashews (you can get 20% off with my code here) I then use my trusty… View Post

I often get asked what the best gadget is for things like juicing and smoothies and my answer is always the same: it completely depends on your budget and what you’re trying to achieve. You don’t need the priciest product to start out (healthy living should completely be affordable) but sometimes it’s worth spending more if a particular feature can help you- whether it means you bulk juice or it’s easier to clean (to be honest; I’d pay thousands if someone could invent a self-clean juicer- I know I’d be much motivated to use it! So today I thought I’d share my top picks of gadgets- with something for bargain hunters and those looking to make a bigger purchase. Juicers This is definitely the gadget I get asked the most… View Post