I’m always going on about the benefits of foods when it comes to health: from your skin to your gut and everything in between. But to be honest, when it comes to ears and hearing, I’d never think food could have such an impact. It might surprise you then to learn that there are a range of foods that are packed full of powerful nutrients and vitamins, capable of both easing the symptoms of ear problems and even preventing various forms of hearing loss. Let’s take a look…. Red meats and poultry Red meats (especially beef sourced organically from grass-fed cows) contain large amounts of zinc. The more I read about zinc, the more I am fascinated by the array of health conditions it’s linked to. It’s thought that… View Post

  Right, you lovely lot- today I am about to confess something. I am sitting here writting this on a Sunday night, curled up with a cosy blanket and a cup of chamomile. So far, so Instagram worthy. #relaxation #hygge However, this week has been a bit of a manic one and got me thinking that in many ways– I completely fail as a health and nutrition blogger. Sometimes I just eat the wrong food, don’t move off the sofa and don’t feel very zen at all. I hope you’ll forgive me as I share ten ways in which I am actually, am a complete fail at nutrition and health blogging… 1.I eat avocado but I don’t get it. For so long, I did not eat avocado at all. Its… View Post

    Today is another nutrition article and I am going to be tackling vitamin D aka the sunshine vitamin. I figured this might be the perfect time to tackle the vitamin since the weather is so miserable right now. As always, I will be explaining how this vitamin works, how it is linked to the gut and some simple tips on improving your vitamin D intake. What is Vitamin D and what does it do? Vitamin D is a vitamin that is largely responsible for promoting calcium absorption in the intestinal tract and bones.  Vitamin D is manufactured in our bodies but it only does this through sunlight making contact with the skin or sometimes through food (more on this later). Vitamin D deficency is becoming increasingly common in England… View Post