Since it’s officially November, the Christmas posts have started! Mince pies are everywhere, it’s bloody cold and everyone’s trying to find a date for ‘Xmas drinks.‘ A combination of being busy, indulgent food and nights out can cause havoc on our guts. Not to mention, the stress of surviving Christmas without a trip to A and E. So, if the panic has already set in- let’s chat about some ways to survive the Christmas period with IBD.  1. Do your research before going to social occasions. I talked about this in my ‘eating out at Christmas post‘ but it’s something I think is really important and although it’s a bit embarrassing, I would really urge you to call the restaurant beforehand to see if they can accommodate you if you… View Post

Today I am chatting about the benefits of probiotics. Having been in discussions with the team at Water for Health- a fountain of knowledge on the topic- I asked them to come on board and create this guest post, explaining how gut bacteria works and giving an overview of current research, as well as tips on using probiotics. Not a day goes by, it seems, without one hearing about probiotics. Doctors, nutritionists, and gut experts are among those loudly chorusing the far-reaching benefits of good bacteria, provoking a sharp rise in the sale of ‘live culture’ supplements in both Europe and the US. Suffice to say, more attention than ever before is being paid to the complex workings of the microbiota. It is not easy to say what ignited this explosion of… View Post

  Good Morning! World IBD Day is nearly upon us! I’ll be sharing lots of content like last year (you can read my World IBD Day: 10 Problems of IBD That Nobody Talks About here)  But today I’m kicking things off with an exciting giveaway to offer as part of World IBD Day!    What You Can Win A copy of my book: Managing IBD- A Balanced Approach to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (you can also read the first chapter for free and find out about stockists here) This covers everything from anxiety to medication to supplements- with lots of input from an IBD nurse and a therapist. A bag of my favourite peppermint tea from Teapigs. Perfect for stomach cramps. A fantastic Ossa organics bone broth hamper (this includes 2… View Post