A few weeks ago, I was struggling with fitting everything in: work was busy, my blog was demanding and I was also in the process of arranging the details of my book publication. I knew I had let things slip; so I decided I wanted to up my juicing efforts in a bid to keep my energy levels up. I got chatting with the folks at Core Body Cleanse and was offered the chance to review their service; which seemed like the perfect, happy coincidence! However, along with being intrigued, I was also sceptical as, to be honest with you, I turn down 90% of the food and drinks ops I receive -I do not believe in promoting unhealthy weightloss or extreme detoxes. I know some people go on extended juice… View Post

  Hi everyone, I hope your healthy lifestyle regime is lasting now we’re well into January! Today I am sharing my top tips for getting a bargain with all things healthy lifestyle. I know it’s really frustrating at times as it seems to be cheaper to eat rubbish than it does to eat well; but hopefully these simple tips will make things a little easier. Fitness on A Budget- The Only Pounds You’ll Lose Will Be On The Scales (Sorry- that was terrible but I couldn’t resist!) Don’t spend money on a gym membership- considering using services like Pay as You Gym to sign up for day or week passes to see if you’ll actually use them before commiting! Or if you’re completely broke, you can currently get free day passes… View Post

  Every now and again, I get asked about whether the many ‘teatoxes’ (or indeed, anything with a ‘tox’ in!) are worth it and my answer is a big resounding NO. I am a massive herbal tea drinker and it really gets me frustrated that so many companies are chucking some senna into these teas and turning them into laxatives. As a gut health blogger, I feel strongly that I would never promote or write about any product like this. As I mentioned in my 8 Ways to Detox Your Gut Naturally blog, these don’t support your gut bacteria at all -simply aggravating the colon, causing lots of water loss (which is soon gained back!) and most likely a night spent camped out next to the nearest toilet. Instead, herbal… View Post