If there is one thing I’ve learnt about my journey with a digestive disease, it’s that diagnosis is the loneliest of times.  It’s a time when we feel so many different emotions struggle to find support and just can’t adapt to our new way of life. Most days I have messages from people- whether they have coeliac disease or Crohn’s- saying they’ve just been diagnosed and they don’t know what to do. In my opinion, there’s just not enough support post-diagnosis! People who are diagnosed coeliac disease are often given the impression they’ll feel better instantly and receive very little medical support. It’s no wonder, people can end up ‘cheating’ on the diet at first: partly due to it still being a bit of a minefield and partly because the… View Post

As you know, this blog is gluten-free and predominately cow’s milk free too. I am always interested in the connection between gluten and dairy- I’ve blogged before about how many people with coeliac disease, IBD and IBS suffer from issues with milk.  However, I am always curious to know how this breaks down: I’ve experimented with goat’s milk (check out my goat’s cheese gluten free calzone), A2 milk, lactose-free and of course plant milk. I know cow’s milk doesn’t agree with me but I haven’t really been able to narrow the cause down completely. So when Tesco invited me along to learn more about the nutrition behind lactose-free, I was keen to learn more.   First up, we were treated to a talk by a nutritionist all about lactose intolerance. Interestingly, the… View Post

Before we begin, make sure you read to the end of this post- I’ve got an exciting giveaway and freebie for ever single one of my readers!  I am back with another recipe today and-I must say-this is probably my best one yet!  I mentioned in last weeks turmeric frozen yoghurt post that I used goat’s cheese as a way of boosting my protein and calcium. So I took it upon myself to create another high protein recipe. It’s a gluten free calzone which is also cow’s milk free but since so many of you have different diets, it’s also… –Suitable for those on low residue diets. -Suitable for those on a LOW FODMAP diet. -Suitable for those on Slimming World. While I’m not on those diets myself-and have also blogged… View Post