Today’s recipe is the perfect Autumn treat that should be really easier to digest. I can’t stretch to a gluten free, dairy free and easy to digest pumpkin latte (whipped cream+sugar=an unhappy gut) but this smoothie is perfect if you want it to feel more like Autumn! The banana and pumpkin are higher in soluble fibre, which means they’re easier to digest (more on tummy friendly veg here). Add some cinnamon for flavour and turmeric- which no anti-inflammatory recipe is ever without- and you’ve got a soothing, sweet drink to brighten your morning. Since the outcome is quite a thick smoothie, you can also turn it into a smoothie bowl! Topped with fresh fruit and granola.   A note about tinned pumpkin- this can be tricky to get in the UK but… View Post

    I was asked by St Helen’s Farm to come up with a new take on a healthy, cow’s milk free fro-yo and I think I have delivered the goods with this one: a tangy, sweet dessert- that you can make into fro-yo ice lollies or use as a frozen smoothie bowl. It’s full of health benefits too- with the turmeric being a great anti-inflammatory and pineapple being a powerful digestive enzyme.    Once you’ve made your mix, you can pop into ice lolly moulds (I use these silicone ones). Failing that, simply pop it in a freezer container. The mixture ends up with a sorbet like consistency rather than ice-cream, but it makes the perfect base for a frozen smoothie bowl! The recipe makes approximately 4 ice lollies or… View Post

One of the most popular blog posts at the moment seems to be a gluten free picnic post I wrote years ago! It is well overdue an update (my eyes hurt looking at the photos) so today I am sharing my top tips on picnicking again! This time, there’s a plant-based theme and I have teamed up with the folks at Goodlife to create some quick and easy healthy picnic recipes. Sausage and Avo Couscous Because I can’t eat raw salad, I often use a gluten free grain base for picnic dishes instead. These add some much-needed carbs and are often easy to digest. In the dish below I have used gluten-free couscous (made from corn) but using quinoa works just as well. Because this can be quite tasteless as… View Post