It has been absolutely ages since I posted a recipe so thought I’d upload this simple but yummy lunch time dish. Sea bass is my absolute favourite type of fish and I managed to find it reduced in Waitrose so thought I’d treat myself! I’m trying to eat more avocado (unlike most health bloggers, I am not a huge fan but I know I need more fats in my diet!) so I added 1/2 of one  along with a little bit of sauerkraut ((read this blog on how to introduce sauerkraut into your diet) and served it with a sweet potato. To give the fish a bit of flavour I used a spice mix from a company called Go Spice– who I discovered at the Big Feastival over the… View Post

  Hi everyone, I hope your healthy lifestyle regime is lasting now we’re well into January! Today I am sharing my top tips for getting a bargain with all things healthy lifestyle. I know it’s really frustrating at times as it seems to be cheaper to eat rubbish than it does to eat well; but hopefully these simple tips will make things a little easier. Fitness on A Budget- The Only Pounds You’ll Lose Will Be On The Scales (Sorry- that was terrible but I couldn’t resist!) Don’t spend money on a gym membership- considering using services like Pay as You Gym to sign up for day or week passes to see if you’ll actually use them before commiting! Or if you’re completely broke, you can currently get free day passes… View Post

    Cashew Turmeric Milk This recipe is a gorgeous, tummy friendly alternative to hot chocolate. The cashew milk should be more easily tolerated than normal dairy while the turmeric adds plenty of anti-inflammatory goodness. 2. Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Feeling christmasy but can’t stomach a Pumpkin latte? Checkout this dairy free pumpkin pie smoothie- using plenty of easier to digest soluble fibre (which is much gentler than insoluble fibre) and lots of cinammon. Autumn in a glass.   3. Gut Health Shot In a flare up and need to get some goodness back into your gut? Try this simple to make, gut health shot- packed full of probiotics and turmeric. 4. Digestive Support Smoothie Feeling bloated or your stomach out of whack? You need a bit of enzyme… View Post