One of the most popular blog posts at the moment seems to be a gluten free picnic post I wrote years ago! It is well overdue an update (my eyes hurt looking at the photos) so today I am sharing my top tips on picnicking again! This time, there’s a plant-based theme and I have teamed up with the folks at Goodlife to create some quick and easy healthy picnic recipes. Sausage and Avo Couscous Because I can’t eat raw salad, I often use a gluten free grain base for picnic dishes instead. These add some much-needed carbs and are often easy to digest. In the dish below I have used gluten-free couscous (made from corn) but using quinoa works just as well. Because this can be quite tasteless as… View Post

Today I wanted to revisit the topic of probiotics. In a recent post on the best supplements for digestion, probiotics were the one thing I avoided recommending. Why? Well, probiotics are, in my opinion, far from simple. They’re thought to benefit almost every health condition but reports are often conflicting: do they work? Am I taking too much? Which strain is best? Do they survive our stomach acid? Despite being a gut health blogger, my experiments with probiotics have not been as successful as I’d like. I am never sure how I am supposed to feel or if they’re working. In the past when I’ve tried high strength ones, I find they worsen symptoms and struggle to take them consistently. It’s because of this that I believe food based ‘good… View Post

It’s sunny again! You might know from my last post (about how IBD flares are linked to hot weather) that this isn’t my favorite time of year. However, it does give me an excuse to get experimenting with ice lolly recipes again! Last year, I posted my iron boosting lollies and this year I am back with what is probably the simplest and most natural ice lolly ever: my 3 ingredient fruit lollies.    These ice lollies are an easy way to stay cool without having excess sugar or sweeteners. Although they’re only three ingredients, you can easily customize them. For example, switching to coconut water or even adding sugar and salts to turn it into a rehydration lolly! I use these silicon ice lolly moulds as I find them easier… View Post