Today I’m finally sitting down to tackle the topic I’ve wanted to write about for absolutely ages: stress. We all know that stress can impact our digestion- whether it’s the day before we jet off on our holidays or a tough exam. However, what about long-term stress? Many of us can pinpoint flare ups with periods of stress but why is that the case? Is it because we slip into bad habits: poor sleep, rubbish food choices, not giving our body the rest it craves? Or is it more than that? My desire to write this post began in October 2016, when on the final part of my nutrition course we went over the stress cycle.Now, I had been studying nutrition for two years at this point but it was only… View Post

Today’s post is one of the most requested I’ve had. Today, I am tackling the subject of fatigue and discussing its’ symptoms, its causes, and suggestions on how to manage it. What is Fatigue? Fatigue is defined as a sense of overwhelming tiredness– and one that doesn’t seem to go away completely even after a good night’s sleep. Fatigue is becoming more widely recognised than it used to be- it’s widely discussed as a problem in its own right and is commonly linked to digestive disorders too (for example, it is now recognised as a symptom of Inflammatory Bowel Disease- with Crohn’s and Colitis UK implementing a fatigue scale  and is often discussed as part of Irritable Bowel Syndrome too) Brain fog is often discussed alongside fatigue and I have… View Post

  As we all know, giving our digestive system the best chance of functioning properly relies on a number of strategies, and I blog a lot about beyond food- whether that being counseling or getting a good night sleep. But how much do we know about the way posture during the working day can influence our guts? Today’s post is a guest post from Sit-Stand.Com; as a freelancer, I was fascinated by the research they’ve done on working at a desk and how it might impact our digestion…. Is working at our desks a health risk? Medical research shows that spending most of your day seated at a desk is bad for your health in general – and your digestive process in particular. When we’re glued to our laptop, we’re… View Post