A few weeks ago, I was struggling with fitting everything in: work was busy, my blog was demanding and I was also in the process of arranging the details of my book publication. I knew I had let things slip; so I decided I wanted to up my juicing efforts in a bid to keep my energy levels up. I got chatting with the folks at Core Body Cleanse and was offered the chance to review their service; which seemed like the perfect, happy coincidence! However, along with being intrigued, I was also sceptical as, to be honest with you, I turn down 90% of the food and drinks ops I receive -I do not believe in promoting unhealthy weightloss or extreme detoxes. I know some people go on extended juice… View Post

    Today is another nutrition article and I am going to be tackling vitamin D aka the sunshine vitamin. I figured this might be the perfect time to tackle the vitamin since the weather is so miserable right now. As always, I will be explaining how this vitamin works, how it is linked to the gut and some simple tips on improving your vitamin D intake. What is Vitamin D and what does it do? Vitamin D is a vitamin that is largely responsible for promoting calcium absorption in the intestinal tract and bones.  Vitamin D is manufactured in our bodies but it only does this through sunlight making contact with the skin or sometimes through food (more on this later). Vitamin D deficency is becoming increasingly common in England… View Post

  I have posted several times about the role of milk on gut health -in a  previous blog post I explained how many people with gut issues may struggle to digest cows’ milk. But it’s not as simple as simply cutting out lactose or instantly switching plant-based products: for some, it could be an issue with casein proteins. This is an area which I definitely believe needs much more research -because although there are plenty of dairy free possibilities; it would help people really get to the bottom of what is triggering their symptoms and allow people to have options to resort back to real cows’ milk (if indeed it turns out that they can drink it without issue). I know lots of people who switch to lactose-free milk for a… View Post