Most of the time, the conditions I talk about on here are to do with the gut- but since finishing my Nutritional Therapy qualification (I’m now offering lots of 1-2-1 nutrition services online so do go have a peek) I’d like to start writing articles about the range of diseases and conditions that I’ve been studying on my nutrition journey. Today is psoriasis– something that runs in my family and something that I know is increasingly common with those who have gut disorders (Don’t believe me? Well check out my blog on how your gut is linked to your skin.) I will share my advice on psoriasis diets and recommend supplements which may help you deal with flare ups. What Is Psoriasis? Psorasis is an autoimmune disease in which… View Post

  I’m always going on about the benefits of foods when it comes to health: from your skin to your gut and everything in between. But to be honest, when it comes to ears and hearing, I’d never think food could have such an impact. It might surprise you then to learn that there are a range of foods that are packed full of powerful nutrients and vitamins, capable of both easing the symptoms of ear problems and even preventing various forms of hearing loss. Let’s take a look…. Red meats and poultry Red meats (especially beef sourced organically from grass-fed cows) contain large amounts of zinc. The more I read about zinc, the more I am fascinated by the array of health conditions it’s linked to. It’s thought that… View Post

  A few weeks ago, I was struggling with fitting everything in: work was busy, my blog was demanding and I was also in the process of arranging the details of my book publication. I knew I had let things slip; so I decided I wanted to up my juicing efforts in a bid to keep my energy levels up. I got chatting with the folks at Core Body Cleanse and was offered the chance to review their service; which seemed like the perfect, happy coincidence! However, along with being intrigued, I was also sceptical as, to be honest with you, I turn down 90% of the food and drinks ops I receive -I do not believe in promoting unhealthy weightloss or extreme detoxes. I know some people go on extended juice… View Post