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 I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist (BA, FNTP) and offer a variety of services to help people with gut health issues (such as Crohn’s, which I myself suffer with)  figure out their food triggers, create a personalised diet plan,  address potential deficiencies and generally improve their wellbeing.  There are lots of Nutritional Therapists out there but I decided to focus specifically on gut health since this is an area close to my heart and I’m extremely passionate about helping others make the most of life with chronic gut problems.

I also don’t believe in fads, hype or false promises: I am not going to sell you a transformation programme or a cure (in fact, I still take one type of IBD medication myself and have periods of being both on and off medication). These kind of things were really offputting to me when I first began learning about and studying nutrition. So instead, I aim to offer a 1-2-1 personalised service, a targeted support plan with plenty of chat and advice along the way. I have had bad experiences of Dieticians and Nutritionists myself many years ago: those that make you feel you’re not trying hard enough if you’re not drinking Kale. Those that demand you spend hundreds of pounds on tests before they treat you or blame you in some way for your disease. I’ve been there and that’s what inspired me to bring honest, supportive and personalised nutrition advice to those with IBD, IBS and other gut issues.

Testimonial: Anita, Crohn's Sufferer.
“I would recommend using the services Jenna offers. She has an expert knowledge of nutrition and supplements. I felt she was empathetic to my condition and gave very sound advice. I took the advice and it has made dividends for me achieving a healthier me.”


What can I offer?

  • Affordable and accessible nutrition advice ( which is why I offer both single one-off appointments and month long programmes.) 
  • Personalised nutrition advice– when it comes to your gut, one size is not going to fit all (I am not going to make you eat lots of salad if you can’t tolerate it- I have been there and believe me, I know the consequences!)I can offer advice on healthy and sensible weight loss and weight gain.
  • A range of additional services– I can also offer food intolerance testing, stool testing and supplement recommendations.
  • Understanding – you may feel embarrassed about your diet or health situation- believe me whatever you’ve eaten or whatever gut issue you’ve experienced, I have experienced it too. After the thirdcolonoscopyy in a 2 year period, I got over my shame!

I don’t offer

  • Promises of cures
  • Any guarantees or suggestions of coming off medication- if it happens for you, amazing! But I am about a balanced approach and this includes medication if necessary.
  • Services for those with severe medical issues or flare ups who have not consulted their doctor beforehand (all the juice in the world can’t do what medical intervention sometimes can)



My Services

1-2-1 1 hour initial consultation with follow-up recommendations via email

In this initial consultation we will chat via telephone, skype or in person (I am based in Warwickshire and welcome face to face consultations); taking a detailed case history as well as analysing your food diary (which you’ll need to fill out in advance). I’ll then email my suggested recommendations via email- included a weekly plan, suggested recipes, my 2 free ebooks and supplement recommendations. You are welcome to do this as one-off appointment or follow up at a later date.

Usual price: £65

Introductory Offer for March only: £50

1 Month Program

This one month program consists of an initial one-hour consultation and then 2 further 45 minutes follow-up consultations over a one month period (this can be extended to 2 months if you prefer to space appointments out). Alongside this, you will get suggested recommendations via email and opportunities to add on extras (such as food intolerance testing or gut bacteria testing- offered by a third party).

Usual Price: £145

Introductory Offer for March Only: £120

Advanced 1 Month Program

You’ll get everything included in the 1-month program but will also get unlimited support via email , skype or Facebook messenger. One for those that know they need a complete overhaul and need lots of handholding along the way.

Usual Price: £175

Introductory Offer for March Only: £150

Testimonial: Samantha, Crohn's Sufferer.
“I had a nutrition consultation with Jenna about my Crohn’s. Everything Jenna said made so much sense. Her advise was very much appreciated!’.”


What if I can’t afford this?

As I mentioned earlier, I truly believe everyone should access to good nutrition advice and appreciate that everyone has budget. You can of course get lots of free information on my blog but I may be able to offer bespoke services or payment plans for the 1 month program- this really is in on a case by case basis for a limited number of people, so drop me an email if you want to know more.

I’m In! What Should I Do Next?

To begin, head over to my calendar and book in your service (if it’s your first consultation, click the 1-2-1 consultation- regardless of which programme you are on) You’ll need to provide a 4-day food diary so try to schedule an appointment that allows you to do this. Once confirmed, you’ll then be emailed everything you need in advance of the appointment. 


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