Today I wanted to have a chat with you about low stomach acid. This is something I’ve been meaning to blog about for ages as I know it’s something lots of you struggle with. However, it was only when I started experimenting again with taking a supplement again, that I realised I should take the time to blog about it. In this post, I have teamed up with Nature’s Best.  to share my discovery of learning about low stomach acid and my experiences of taking Betaine HCL (more of that in a moment!)  What is low stomach acid? A lot of the time, we don’t talk about low stomach acid. Instead, we are only told about the problems with too much acid in our digestive system. It was originally thought that having too… View Post

About a month ago, I shared my frustration at having symptoms despite not long being in remission.  I decided to create the IBD Remission Survey and now I am blogging about my findings. If you took the survey, thanks so much for your help! Over 250 people joined in! So, without further to do, here’s the results…   How long does IBD Remission last? Interestingly (and perhaps depressingly) the shortest period of remission scored the highest percentage of votes.  Although over 30% of the vote had experienced remission of over 3 years- with 15% of people voting 3-5 years and 16.4% voting over 5 years. That’s more like it! How do you know if your IBD is in remission? Over 50% of people who took the survey were currently in remission.… View Post

Today I wanted to take a moment to actually blog about my diagnosis journey. This week is ‘Love Your Gut’ week so I thought what better time to write a post to share my journey, and encourage all my readers to do one thing: listen to their guts! I did an Insta-stories recently about how frustrated I was that people were continuing to self-diagnose or being fobbed off. So while the recipes and tips you will see this week are undoubtedly important, for me, the only way to truly love your gut is to not dismiss it- and make sure you receive a proper diagnosis.   Let’s go back to the beginning… It started when I was 16. I can remember being really stressed about my GCSEs and, as a result, it… View Post