Happy Tuesday everybody, I hope you had a lovely bank holiday Monday! Today I wanted to create a blog post that lists lots of free resources that you might find helpful when learning about health and wellness or if you are a fellow health blogger looking to grow your blog. I started studying nutrition years ago and my love for finding good content on health and wellness has just grown and grown. I know lots of people want to learn more about the topic but books don’t come cheap. Today I just wanted to share with you everything I’ve been reading, watching and listening to- hope it’s useful! My favourite magazines A few months ago, I signed up for a trial of Readly*  which is a magazine app that allows… View Post

Good evening everybody- a few weeks’ ago I published my ‘What I Eat in A Day’ blog post- it was one of my favourite blog posts to write and I always love reading them when other bloggers do them: I’m always on the hunt to mix things up and it can often feel boring to have sweet potato again. (I don’t know what I’d do without them) However, when I was uploading it, I was thinking about it might be good to start introducing more vegetable based meals– rather than just adding them to fish and chicken like I’m currently doing. My relationship with meat is an interesting one: when we lived in China,  I hardly ate any meat and felt great on it but since my return to the UK ,I… View Post

  Hi everyone and welcome back to the blog. I absolutely love reading and watching ‘What I Eat In A Day’ videos so decided to revisit this topic on my blog- with my own gluten and dairy free what I eat in a Day (as a Nutritional Therapist who is dealing with intolerances and Crohn’s disease). I actually wrote a ‘What I Eat’ in a day video 2 years ago (here if you fancy a peek) but feel my eating style has evolved since then. A head’s up before we begin- this is not meant to be representative of everyone’s diet with IBD and gut conditions- as I’ve mentioned before, everybody is different (and if you want some more help figuring out what you can eat then my nutrition services might help) Also,… View Post