Magnesium was something I got asked a lot about when I blogged recently about the best digestive health supplements. It’s not a mineral we hear about often, but magnesium deficiency is actually becoming more common. It’s thought that the increase in bottled water consumption can lower Magnesium (since we’re drinking less tap water, which is so rich in it.) and it’s also linked to stress as high amounts of cortisol levels being released can deplete Magnesium levels. I won’t go into cortisol again here, but if you’re interested – go give my ‘stress and your digestion‘ blog post a read, it’s a really informative and you can win a cortisol testing kit too!).  You can enter the giveaway here Anyway, this rise in deficiency is just the general… View Post

Today I’m finally sitting down to tackle the topic I’ve wanted to write about for absolutely ages: stress. We all know that stress can impact our digestion- whether it’s the day before we jet off on our holidays or a tough exam. However, what about long-term stress? Many of us can pinpoint flare ups with periods of stress but why is that the case? Is it because we slip into bad habits: poor sleep, rubbish food choices, not giving our body the rest it craves? Or is it more than that? My desire to write this post began in October 2016, when on the final part of my nutrition course we went over the stress cycle.Now, I had been studying nutrition for two years at this point but it was only… View Post

Today I wanted to revisit the topic of probiotics. In a recent post on the best supplements for digestion, probiotics were the one thing I avoided recommending. Why? Well, probiotics are, in my opinion, far from simple. They’re thought to benefit almost every health condition but reports are often conflicting: do they work? Am I taking too much? Which strain is best? Do they survive our stomach acid? Despite being a gut health blogger, my experiments with probiotics have not been as successful as I’d like. I am never sure how I am supposed to feel or if they’re working. In the past when I’ve tried high strength ones, I find they worsen symptoms and struggle to take them consistently. It’s because of this that I believe food based ‘good… View Post