So last week, I blogged all about the different things that help my anxiety and today I wanted to chat about the concept of ‘self-care’. Self-care has become a bit faddy lately– in fact, it’s often used to sell us everything from journals to bath bombs. But if you read my anxiety post (and you really should!), you’ll notice one of the most effective things for my anxiety is getting outside. In the summer, this took the form of gardening (in fact I found gardening more effective than meditation) But now the cold weather has set in (and my garden is pretty much dead!), I’ve been settling for autumn walks instead. At its essence, self-care is vital for chronic illness and like walking, it shouldn’t have to cost anything. So Fenetic Wellbeing–… View Post

Since it’s officially November, the Christmas posts have started! Mince pies are everywhere, it’s bloody cold and everyone’s trying to find a date for ‘Xmas drinks.‘ A combination of being busy, indulgent food and nights out can cause havoc on our guts. Not to mention, the stress of surviving Christmas without a trip to A and E. So, if the panic has already set in- let’s chat about some ways to survive the Christmas period with IBD.  1. Do your research before going to social occasions. I talked about this in my ‘eating out at Christmas post‘ but it’s something I think is really important and although it’s a bit embarrassing, I would really urge you to call the restaurant beforehand to see if they can accommodate you if you… View Post

I’ve been short of blog inspiration recently- so I put a request out to you all asking what you’d like to see. Lots of you mentioned that more awareness needs to be given to the extra-intestinal manifestations of IBD: in other words the symptoms that have nothing to do with your gut whatsoever but still cause you a lot of pain. Because newsflash: Inflammatory Bowel Disease can impact every part of your body.  It’s though 25-40% of IBD patients struggle with EIMs so while that’s a substantial number; it’s also worth noting that lots of patients don’t struggle with any. So, rather than scaremongering, let’s take a look at the facts. Your eyes Inflammation of the eyes is possible- the most common version of this being ‘ episcleritis’ which causes… View Post