Going gluten free when traveling in Asia can be really difficult. I have already blogged about Bali, Chiang Mai and Hong Kong today’s turn is Bandung, the capital of the West Java province in Indonesia. Like many countries in South East Asia, the best way to find gluten free food is by exploring already naturally free-from dishes. Bandung is famous for a wide range of street-food. most of it gluten and dairy free. For those who love food and looking for authentic food of the city, head straight for the street food stalls instead. Here’s some of the best free-from street food dishes to try ……. Sop Kaki Sapi A  traditional gluten and dairy free dish with a base of meat and potatoes. The Cow’s leg soup is simply fabulous- try to… View Post

It was only a couple of days ago that I was posting about my switch to a natural, free from lifestyle and now a new natural health and skincare has caught my eye:Noble Naturals a brand that is all about pure water and minerals. This brand seems to go beyond free from and is not only completely natural but also offers a wide range of real health benefits. The first product I want to introduce to you and add to my free from haul is their Nano Silver range.   Natural healing is a massive thing for me after desperately trying to support my body through healing after surgery. I’ve heard of doctors using colloidal silver to help surgical wounds so I was intrigued to hear more about this. These mineral… View Post

Today is the third post in my traveling series: today I’m going to zoom in on IBD (although many of the tips will be relevant to IBS and gut issues too) and my top tips for traveling with IBD.When I was first diagnosed, I was living in China and the biggest question I wanted to know was if it was still possible to enjoy traveling with IBD and enjoy all the wonderful trips I had planned for the summer! I’m lucky that I managed to spend several more years in China and travelled all over during that time: Macau, Hong Kong, Bali, Thailand and more! It wasn’t always easy but I wanted to show it was possible to see the world while battling a disobedient immune system!  Although a lot… View Post