Are you a UK blogger who is looking to work with brands but don’t know how to reach out to them?  Would you like to make a steady (or even side income) from your blog but feel like the only guides out there are focused on those with hundred of thousands of views making hundreds of thousands a month? Does it feel like most of the advice you read is from US bloggers and is completely over the top? Then, learning more about my very first ebook: My Blog to Business: Pitching Toolkit is a must! What is the blog to business pitching toolkit? A practical 22 page ebook (with printable worksheets) that includes everything you need to start working with brands on reviews and sponsored content. 3 additional BONUS downloads:… View Post

Hi everyone- and welcome to my blogging as a business update! This is my fifth update in the series (read months 1, 2, 3 and 4 to get you started!) but technically it will cover March and April- since it’s been a few months since I’ve updated! So, let’s get chatting about how things have been going. Grab a cuppa as I suspect this will be a long post which hopefully get you inspired for the week ahead! Don’t forget to share how your experience blogging as a business is going and join my FB group: Pitching for UK Bloggers if you want to start getting a bit more proactive in pitching to brands. So first: Life Update As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been experimenting with blogging as a… View Post

Yay we are at month four (well technically the start of month 5!) I love writing these posts; I know that they are different to my main content but I love showing how many opportunities there are in the blogging world and sharing my tips with others. Before we begin, make sure you’ve read my previous blogging as a business monthly updates posts. Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 So let’s have chat about month 4 shall we!  Blogging Life As I mentioned in month 3, I decided to leave my permanent teaching job and go supply. A month or so on and I am beyond happy with my decision. Although I know going freelance or self-employed means no sick pay and holiday pay, I feel like I am completely… View Post